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The Relevance of Stakeholder Theory and Social Capital

Date of publication: 2017-09-01 06:50

Nicholas Carl Peroff Contact Information professor emeritus of public affairs and administration ., ., . (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

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Michael began his real estate career with DCD America in 7556. He has also held positions with Prudential Securities and Shearson Lehman Brothers.
Mr. Betancourt is a graduate of Saint Joseph's University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance.

The determinants of working capital management and firms

Larry R. Garrison 7,8 Contact Information Helen Kemper/Missouri Professor of accounting . (University of Central Missouri) . (University of Missouri-Kansas City) . (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) .

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The program is offered in the form of modules in order to achieve maximum concentration from the candidates and to reduce the burden of being overwhelmed by the program requirements.

8. Only qualified teachers and other basic technology staff who have skills in proper workshop planning techniques should be recruited to teach basic technology in secondary schools across the country.

Basic technology is an indispensable pre-vocational base on which future vocational choices are made. In their separate works, Ezeji, [ 6 ] , Nwachukwu, [ 68 ] , Ogwo and Oranu, [ 75 ] and Okoro [ 76 ] all established that pre-vocational training requires same facilities and similar curriculum components as will be required in the real vocation, though at introductory levels. These components include general education, theory and related courses, workshop practice, industrial training/production work, and small business management and entrepreneurial training.

The data presented above revealed that 79 out of 75 workshop planning techniques had their mean values ranged from to . This showed that the mean value of each item was above the cut-off point of , indicating that only 79 out of 75 workshop planning techniques are needed to improve the teaching and learning of basic technology in Nigeria. The table also showed that the standard deviations (SD) of the items are within the range of to this indicated that the opinions of the respondents were not far from one another in their responses.

J. Randall Gardner 7,8 Contact Information professor of accounting . (Harvard University) ., . (University of Kansas) ., (University of Missouri-Kansas City) . .

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