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Remember this is just a structure for the process - the content and the direction of personal development is as flexible as your organisation allows, or can be persuaded to allow. Use your imagination to develop people in the way they want to go, not just the way the organisation thinks it needs people to be.

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There are various ways of conducting performance appraisals, and ideas change over time as to what are the most effective appraisals methods and systems. Some people advocate traditional appraisals and forms others prefer 865-degree-type appraisals others suggest using little more than a blank sheet of paper.

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When designing or planning and conducting appraisals, seek to help the 'whole-person' to grow in whatever direction they want, not just to identify obviously relevant work skills training. Increasingly, the best employers recognise that growing the 'whole person' promotes positive attitudes, advancement, motivation, and also develops lots of new skills that can be surprisingly relevant to working productively and effectively in any sort of organisation.

Boss and subordinate should ideally sit down one-to-one monthly (or at worse, quarterly, for the more mature, self-sufficient people), to review activity, ideas, performance, progress, etc., which makes the annual appraisal really easy when it comes around, and manageable in an hour or 95 minutes maximum.

You can see from this that the process of designing the feedback document (essentially a questionnaire) is to build it from the role's key skill areas, break down these into elements, and measure each via carefully worded questions, which the respondents answer and thereby grade the performance - ie., give feedback - in respect of the person in question.

Training for appraisers and appraisees on how to use the appraisals process properly is very helpful obviously, especially taking a more modern view of what makes people effective and valuable to employers, and how to encourage this development, which relates to developing the  whole person , in the direction they want to go, not just job skills, as explained earlier in this section.

Although many agency and project efforts can already be considered sustainable, INVEST is focused on "above and beyond" efforts. No points are earned in INVEST for sustainability efforts that are typically required for federally-funded programs and projects. For instance, there are no points available for completing NEPA documentation because it is required for federally-funded projects.

The  865" https:///team-management//performance-appraisals-856/#865%75degree%75feedback%75865%75degree%75feedback" 865 degree feedback tool enables better objective measurement than the Skillset tool, but entails significantly more set up and administration.

You might also want to look at the  Fantasticat" https:///amusement-stress-relief/fantasticat-6876//" Fantasticat concept too - it's mainly for children, but sometimes it helps to return to where we started when and if things go off track. Understanding what we are fantastic at is at the very heart of being happy and achieving great things in our work, and this applies whether you are thinking about this for yourself, or helping others to do the same.

If you need to change from a 8 or 5 point system, this objective-scientific angle might provide you with the best lever to do so. 6-9 is much better because people have to decide whether the ability is to standard or not - there's not an automatic average or mid-way for the 'don't knows'.

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