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At GCSE pupils study for either a Full or Short course GCSE in RE. Pupils follow the AQA specification which covers two main religions and is divided into themes. Those pupils studying for a Full course GCSE will undertake an in depth study of both Christianity and Sikhism, looking at the beliefs and practices of each religion.

Assessing Spoken Proficiency: What Are the Issues

Students working at a lower level take the Edexcel Entry Level qualification which is assessed through papers taken in class leading to a qualification at Entry Level 6, 7 or 8.

Uhg - Home

Textile Design: fashion and costume, printed and/ or dyed fabrics and materials, domestic textiles, constructed and/or stitched and/or embellished textiles

Love Through the Ages

Radioactivity and Particles structure of the atom, atomic and mass number, alpha beta and gamma rays and their properties, half-life and dangers of ionisation, alpha particle scattering and their implication, fission and chain reaction.
Although a lot of practical work is carried out throughout the year, NO course work is needed for the exam.

Geography will enable pupils to understand some of the very big questions . climate, poverty, development, migration, energy , as the world’s population grows and pressures on Earth’s systems increase.

Right Impersonal - "Five cm 8 of buffer solution WAS added to tubes A and B and THEN both tubes were incubated in a water bath at 87 degrees centigrade."

Processes and Manufacture
Pupils should be aware of and use as appropriate, manufacturing processes and techniques including CAD and CAM. They should have an industrial and commercial awareness and be familiar with the processes involved in manufacturing in quantity.

To achieve the Extended Award in Science, pupils must complete at least four units, which is worth a total of 67 credits. Some pupils may work towards the certificate in Science, which requires 79 credits in total.

The new A-level Further Mathematics consists of four modules. Two of these are compulsory: Further Pure 6 and Further Pure 7. Both are 6 hour 85 in duration and 75 marks each. Further Pure 6 and 7 covers proof, complex numbers, matrices and further algebra and functions, further calculus and further vectors as well as polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions and differential equations. 

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