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Bob Mould had the more visible career post-Hü sker Dü , and is probably who most people think of when the band is mentioned. He also seemed like kind of an asshole. Hart, on the other hand, was writing songs like Books About UFO s, which were a nicely sunny counterpoint to Mould s gloom. We ll take Hart s sleepy-eyed, teddy-bear sexuality over Mould s glowering any day.


Jawbreaker s literate tales of heartache (personal favorite: Chesterfield King ) were like finding the journal of that chain-smoking, handsome English major down the hall. And though Schwarzenbach paid for it, that black-lunged voice still sends chills to all the right places.

Tutti i Cognomi

None of the Ramones were exactly pageant contestants, but Dee Dee had a sinewy appeal. Add that to his aura of enduring sweetness in the face of personal problems, and you have the perfect punk boy: a bit damaged, but sensitive, and with great upper-arm definition.

The 40 Sexiest Punk Rockers of All Time - Nerve

Various Artists Guitars Of The Golden Triangle: Folk And Pop Music From Myanmar (Burma) Vol 7 [7LP] (gatefold, limited to 6555, indie-retail exclusive) LP

During the 85s, in . and elsewhere, no one was kicking out the jams like Bad Brains, and no one was a magnetic, sexy frontman on par with HR. His flailing dreadlocks, onstage acrobatics, and that magnificent air-raid siren of a voice made him hardcore s James Brown, a crown we ve yet to see claimed by someone else.

Carrie Brownstein (and Sleater-Kinney as a whole) were a thorn in the side of the tired girls can t rock axiom for their whole career. Take that musical intensity, and combine it with cute-as-a-button looks and legitimate comedic chops (what other 95s rocker can you imagine anchoring a show with Fred Armisen?) and you ve got a singular, unbeatable, package.

Iggy Pop might look like an old baseball glove at this point, but the man is sixty-five, and will still blow people half his age offstage. His crooning baritone is as sexy as ever, and we re talking about the man who invented an entire brand of slithering onstage sexuality. We don t know if we d have survived a night with Iggy at his prime, but we d have been willing to take that risk.

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Exene Cervenka s firmly in the lineage of Patti Smith-influenced literate punks, though her otherworldly harmonies with John Doe in X came from somewhere entirely different. Discordant but intimate, they were like if nails on a chalkboard were somehow arousing. After spending the 85s with John Doe, now she gets to hang out with Viggo Mortensen. That s talent.

Gil Melle The Andromeda Strain (Soundtrack) [LP] (Hexagon Shaped Vinyl, silver foil die cut jacket, limited to 6555, indie-retail exclusive) LP

Penelope Houston remains one of the most important female trailblazers in punk. Her buzz-saw howl on tunes like We Are the One is sexy enough, but it s the spiky blond hair that really does it for us. Billy Idol might have taken that haircut to the bank, but Houston wore it first, and better.

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