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Master of Business Administration MBA degree course

Date of publication: 2017-08-15 04:26

This module includes lectures, workshops and action learning to enable you to meet your individual development needs and progress your career. It is the key to your future career development, and helps you build a portfolio that will show future employers who you are and what you can do.

-Management College of Southern Africa

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Every organisation needs to have clear marketing objectives, and the major route to achieving organisational goals will depend on strategy. It is important, therefore, to be clear about the difference between strategy and tactics.

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The Bristol MBA is a proactive learning experience so while there are some classroom and one-to-one sessions, these are combined with individual research projects and applied study. Our approach is hands on and practical, focused on developing tangible personal and professional skills.

This course is about how organisations behave and how people behave in organisational settings. It is both practically useful and intellectually challenging. The module will explore three distinct bodies of knowledge: firstly, your informal and tacit knowledge of organisations gained from everyday life secondly, the mainstream approaches to organisational behaviour (OB) and management studies and finally, alternative, critical approaches drawn from OB and the wider social sciences.

This module helps you understand international marketing issues at both strategic and operational levels, and the full range of interdependent issues that have to be managed simultaneously. You will learn to apply objective and robust methodologies to questions of foreign market opportunity selection and risk analysis and be able to make recommendation.

To read more about the course content and specialisations available, please visit the Global MBA Programme Structure page and the Global MBA Specialisation page.

• Each module is delivered weekly over a 65 week period. Each weekly delivery consists of a one hour Knowledgecast session, a one hour seminar session and a two hour group activity session

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