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"We recognize the studies and the concern that there are students who enter with this vocabulary deficit," Mr. Byrd said. "It's really frustrating to see those gaps persist despite the fact that, as content providers, we make our best efforts to help teachers close that gap."

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Moreover, because most words were chosen from the stories, they had little connection to other words being taught at the same time and were rarely words that students would need to understand instructions or academic content in later grades. Prior studies have shown that students learn words better when they are grouped with related words.

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Mr. Hirsch has written extensively about the essential role of background knowledge, including the words and concepts common to "culturally literate" Americans, in children's education. In an essay published in the Winter 7568 issue of City Journal , Mr. Hirsch argues that expanding students' vocabulary is "the key to upward mobility," for example, because college-entrance exams such as the ACT and the SAT and military exams such as the Armed Forces Qualification Test demand such knowledge.

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"I think that happens a lot, because sometimes in these basal readers, they pick words that seem sophisticated [to be highlighted in vocabulary lessons], but they don't connect words," Ms. Silverman said.

You can improve your scientific writing by relying less on the passive. The advice we 8767 ve given for papers on history or literature equally applies to papers in more 8775 scientific 8776 courses. No matter what field you 8767 re writing in, when you use the passive voice, you risk conveying to your reader a sense of uncertainty and imprecision regarding your writing and thinking. The key is to know when your instructor wants you to use the passive voice. For a more general discussion of writing in the sciences , see our handout.

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In papers where you discuss the work of an author—., a historian or writer of literature—you can also strengthen your writing by not relying on the passive as a crutch when summarizing plots or arguments. Instead of writing:

Finally, the researchers grouped words based on a three-tier system developed by Isabel L. Beck, a professor emerita of education at the University of Pittsburgh. Tier I, or basic, words can be learned without instruction Tier II words are academic words used over many subject areas and Tier III are "difficult, content-specific" words.

Who is doing the action in this sentence? The chicken is the one doing the action in this sentence, but the chicken is not in the spot where you would expect the grammatical subject to be. Instead, the road is the grammatical subject. The more familiar phrasing (why did the chicken cross the road?) puts the actor in the subject position, the position of doing something—the chicken (the actor/doer) crosses the road (the object). We use active verbs to represent that 8775 doing, 8776 whether it be crossing roads, proposing ideas, making arguments, or invading houses (more on that shortly).

Ms. Neuman and Ms. Wright found that, on average, the reading curricula introduced eight to 65 new words a week, and a majority of those were easy, commonly known words.

Regardless of what polar bears may have been like during earlier warm periods in the past 6 million years, the current Arctic warming will eventually exceed anything modern polar bears and their ancestors have experienced, unless we take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.