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Essay on Bureaucracy in Zambia - 1252 Words

I 8767 d be delighted if Cosma has mathematically proved the impossibility of communism. It would be a second monkey off my back. (The first was the Bible, a long time ago.) Then I could happily get on with being the evil utility-maximizing selfish bastard I instinctively am.

Peter Thiel's CS183: Startup - Class 1 Notes Essay

The US Gov funds innovation, for instance in pharmaceuticals, with the rub that business firms get to reap the monetized rents from such investment. Everybody knows the Gov financed the early Internet, not to mention other tech. I like Josh 8767 s point that innovation under capitalism within for-profit business organizations entails planning, of which as Galbraith pointed out there is already a lot for other purposes.

7. Science & Tech in Education- Development of scientific temper(Fundamental Duties) in citizens by Spreading education in remote areas through e-learning (Increase in literacy rate.) , Research in new areas no need to go abroad for scientific education, Increasing awareness for adapting and developing new technologies. Lead’s to holistic development of workforce of India.

8) In the penultimate paragraph, you have mentioned few 8766 social movements 8767 actually the essay is about them, so you would have elaborated them

Like, wow. This has arrived about a fortnight too early for me to have time to join in the discussion properly, but only a week early for me to take full advantage of it in finishing a speculative paper on 8766 The Market in Classical Antiquity 8767 , trying to engage with similar issues in a much less elegant and coherent fashion (not least because of the need to engage with the debate as it actually exists in ancient economic history, rather than the debate we ought to be having).

A holistic scientific development standing on ground of sustainability with equitably distributed fruits.. is the master key for promising future

A final important issue for congressional consideration is restoration of the traditional judicial process. The administrative process for adjudicating cases is fundamentally at odds with the rule of law and leaves citizens and regulated entities at the mercy of the government. These kinds of decisions could be transferred back by Congress to normal, independent courts governed by Article III of the Constitution. The public would once again have the protections of the traditional judicial process. Merely having an Article III court available for appeal after exhausting the administrative tribunals is not a sufficient solution, since Article III courts tend to defer to the decisions of these tribunals, and the appeals process is costly for both citizens and regulated entities.

Thus, technical institutes, often in foreign collaboration, like IITs and IISC were set up. Space and nuclear research was taken up. Agricultural universities and research centers were established, keeping in mind our largely agrarian economy. Liberal education was promoted by exploring new subjects like sociology, which threw policy data useful for policy making.

Your intentions are correct Indranil. But the orientation wasn 8767 t right I guess. This should be the orientation. These two links shall help in the orientation:

[7] More exactly, many optimization problems have the property that we can check a proposed solution in polynomial time (these are the class 8775 NP 8776 ), but no one has a polynomial-timeway to work out a solution from the problem statement (which would put them in the class 8775 P 8776 ). If a problem is in NP but not in P, we cannot do drastically better than just systematically go through candidate solutions and check them all. (We can often do a bit better, especially on particular cases, but not drastically better.) Whether there are any such problems, that is whether NP=P, is not known, but it sure seems like it. So while most common optimization problems are in NP, linear and even convex programming are in P. ^

Demographic divided, a once in a life time opportunity for a nation, is slowly going to taper off. There is nothing automatic about demographic dividend in terms of benefit. It can be harnessed only through skilling people and creating suitable opportunities for them. Promoting higher education is the only way to harness demographic dividend and transforming India into a knowledge economy.

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