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Zero Waste SA is a South Australian government department which was established to promote waste management practices that as far as possible eliminate waste or its consignment to landfill, and advance the development of resource recovery and recycling. Zero Wastes 8767 vision is to one day achieve zero discharge, zero material waste, and zero atmospheric damage.

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This is a difficult time for environmentalists. The carbon dioxide level is rising faster than ever, the human population is still growing, measures of environmental quality are deteriorating, and almost no one seems to care.

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Jacobson and colleagues have published what can only be called a take-no-prisoners rebuttal to Clack et al. In it, they declare that, “The premise and all error claims by Clack et al.... about Jacobson et al.... are demonstrably false.” In a separate article, Jacobson has dismissed Clack and his co-authors as “nuclear and fossil fuel supporters,” though it’s clear that neither side in this debate is anti-renewables.

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There are a number of online Ecological Footprint calculators in use today. When evaluating other Ecological Footprint calculators, the most important consideration is whether the calculator is actually measuring the Ecological Footprint and not just using the term footprint as a proxy for general environmental impact. These calculators may offer interesting insights but they are not aligned with the international Ecological Footprint Standards , which were adopted in 7556 in order to ensure that Footprint studies were both credible and consistent.

A generic term for factors which are used to translate a material flow expressed within one measurement system into another one. For example, a combination of two conversion factors—“yield factors” and “equivalence factors”—translates hectares into global hectares. The extraction rate conversion factor translates a secondary product into primary product equivalents.

What you pretend not to know is that industries in trouble spend heavily on PR. Most people know that products that are heavily advertised are products that are not selling. Is this news to you? I doubt it.

We have to invest one energy unit per year in renewable energy to get 9 units of output. But there's no energy financing in nature. You can build a windmill on promised energy, but you must have the energy upfront while there is still energy to do it.

The UK&rsquo s carbon footprint includes the government&rsquo s consumption &ndash that covers spend on roads and construction, education, defence, health and other expenses involved in running the country. This impact is shared by the 69 million residents of the UK.

Nobody who knows the first thing about physics or engineering could have proposed such a laughable theory. And Gundersen 8767 s specialization in nuclear engineering was supposedly in spent fuel racks, and yet he apparently didn 8767 t have a clue about their structural strength or about the borated separators between the fuel assemblies.

Footprint Consult . provides scientific and technical know-how to help the business community account for and manage ecological assets, identify the risks associated with ecological deficits and measure tangible progress towards sustainability.

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6/655th of a square kilometre, 65,555 square meters, or acres. A hectare is approximately the size of a soccer field. See also global hectare and local hectare.

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