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Earnest is also a satire because it makes fun of its characters – most of whom are members of the aristocratic class. Think about how proud Lady Bracknell is,. Read more

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It&rsquo s a cluttered burst of colours, ideas and emotions &ndash a frantic essay on real life and movie life that overflows with energy and heady thoughts. It looks and feels like an outlaw romance, with Karina and Belmondo bringing style and attitude to the table, but it&rsquo s also a strongly experimental work made by someone determined to shake up cinema and the world. That itself is pretty romantic, no? DC

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6997 would be a busy year for the popular star, and it started with an announcement in The Hollywood Reporter on January 5th: “Ann Sheridan and Ronald Reagan will co-star for the third time in Warner’s Casablanca , with Dennis Morgan also coming in for top billing.”  Although none were ultimately cast, Dennis would have been perfect as the strong resistance leader eventually played by Paul Henreid.  He had no time to be disappointed: Warners had him everywhere on the screen to keep him busy.

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It&rsquo s far from subtle, but certainly delivers more grit than a payload of weepy master Nicholas Sparks&rsquo adaptations. And the big hit single made the image of uniformed Gere ubiquitous for a while &ndash provided you could get goggle-eyed, windmill-armed vocalist Joe Cocker out of your mind. TJ

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It&rsquo s remarkable that &lsquo Up&rsquo has managed to sneak into the all-time top 75 romantic movies on the strength of a single 65-minute sequence, but it&rsquo s also testament to the extraordinary power this Pixar classic possesses.

“Dennis was just a marvelous person,” raves Manning.  “I enjoyed working with him, and I also became good friends with him and his wife.  He was a wonderful person and an excellent singer.  Of all the people I ever worked with, Dennis and James Cagney—those two just stand out.  Absolutely tops!”

The simple love story &ndash between two bohemian bums, one a derelict fire-eater and one a painter losing her eyesight &ndash could be the stuff of silent melodrama, but Carax crams it with sound and colour to the point of delirious sensory ecstasy. GL

He had a normal childhood and a very stable one.  His father, Frank Morner, was a banker who later became a supplier for lumber camps, and his mother, Grace Morner, studied music at Lawrence College before she married.  Her love of singing was quickly passed on to her son. Dennis was given singing lessons early on by his maternal aunt and subsequently sang in church (which he continued to do all his life), at town socials and he even played trombone with the school band.

I wish to thank the following actresses who very graciously talked about Dennis Morgan: Joan Leslie, Andrea King, Virginia Mayo, Paula Raymond, Irene Manning, and Patricia Neal.  I am also greatly indebted to Dennis’ widow, Lillian, for her generous contribution to this two-part article.  Thanks to: Dan Van Neste, Marvin Paige, Doug McClelland, Hal Snelling, and most importantly—Dorothy Mann for lending me some material from her collection on Dennis.  —Laura Wagner, Classic Images

Defining moment: Nobody puts Baby in a corner. When even Ryan Gosling has scored using your defining moment (in &lsquo Crazy, Stupid, Love&rsquo ), you know it&rsquo s a good &rsquo un.

Reviews were generally good, with The New York Times commenting that “[Dennis] is in there smiling his engaging best.”  This Christmas fare, released in July of all months, was Warner’s biggest moneymaker of the year.  It was later remade for TV, but the sparks that flew in the original were not evident in the remake.  Besides the undeniable romantic touch Dennis and Barbara gave the proceedings, the stars both showed deft comic touches.

She&rsquo s Laura (Johnson), a not especially pretty housewife. He&rsquo s Alec (Howard), an earnest doctor. So why do we continue to find Lean&rsquo s much-loved classic so unbearably moving? Because it&rsquo s still thrilling to watch the continents of emotion beneath Laura and Alec&rsquo s icy properness. Celia Johnson is like a silent movie star with her huge eyes, showing so much emotion with barely a rustle of an eyelash.

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