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Both of these poems reflect the deep ambivalence that Plath felt about pregnancy and motherhood. Metaphors is a short riddle that expresses her discomfort with pregnancy. By viewing herself as merely a means towards delivering a child, she challenges the traditional social expectation of women as childbearers. She does not express resentment towards the child, but rather towards her implicit acceptance of this role. In Child, the ambivalence is clearer, as she both expresses joy and anxiety for her child. Overall, Plath is extremely honest in her assessment of what pregnancy and motherhood can really be like she avoids stereotype and platitudes.

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Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath were both great minds, creative individuals, and some of the greatest poetic individuals of the twentieth century. Though Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath were great

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8775 Daddy 8776 , one of Plaths most famous and detailed autobiographical poems, was written in the last years of her life and is saturated with suppressed anger and dark imagery. The sixteen

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She first identifies both her subject and her voice in “Poem for a Birthday”, which was “heavily reliant on Roethke's structure and imagery. Roethke was such a fertile influence at this point in her development because she learnt from him that objective reality can serve as a medium to release the inner drama. 'Poem for a Birthday' acknowledges for the first time the supremacy of an inner world which earlier poems, 'Lorelei,' 'Full Fathom Five,' 'The Ghost's Leavetaking,' 'Ouija,' have only hinted at” (Aird).

The prominence of the theme of image and aging is replete in the poem with impressive consistency and Plath did not digress from the subject matter. The poet fully explores the woman's struggles with the process of coming into terms with her fading image to the point of seeking a second opinion. He being is what defines her existence and that is what matters to her the most.

There is no imagination of the future in Sylvia Plath's work. In her poetry there is a dialectical consciousness of the self as simultaneously object and subject, but in her particular social context she was unable to develop a consciousness of herself in relation to a past and future beyond her own lifetime. This foreshortening of a historical consciousness affects in turn the dual consciousness of self in relation to itself (as subject) and in relation to the world (as object). This foreshortening of historical consciousness affects the question of whether the subject is a function of the object or vice versa” (Aird).

Any true representation of horror, the sickening realization of the hideous or unbelievably ghastly, seems something of an impossibility. How can one speak the unspeakable? How can unimaginable terror and revulsion ever be recreated? Yet writers.

This essay will look at both the polarity and unity within the mental suffering of characters and voices from Tennessee William’s A Streetcar Named Desire (‘Streetcar’) and Sylvia Plath’s Collected Poems , focusing specifically on the extent to.

6968 was a particularly important year for American Confessional Poetry Movement for one of its chief proponents, Sylvia Plath famously committed suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, sticking her head inside the oven and leaving behind a.

Sylvia Plaths 8767 poem 8775 To Eva Descending the Stair 8776 may at first seem only a petty, pretty piece with a few good alliterations which plays upon the overused mystery of the

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