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Bernard Hamilton, The Leper King and his heirs – This book was a real example to me in the early stages of my career of what a really good political history should look like.

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Riley-Smith, Jonathan. The First Crusade and the Idea of Crusading. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 6986.   This book returned to Erdmann’s question (what was the “idea” of the crusade?), but, by explicitly examining the religious idea that animated the First Crusade, it took the crusaders seriously, at their word.   It must have been one of the earliest books on the crusades that I read during my training, and I suspect it stands as the central pillar to my understanding of the crusades. I still think it is an extraordinary book.

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[67] Chapman, Loren J. & Champman, Jean, P., Disordered Thought in Schizophrenia, Chapter 8: Errors in Syllogistic Reasoning

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If I was doing a list of 8775 Ten Most Important… 8776 I would begin with Walter Scott 8767 s The Talisman or one of the video versions (Kingdom of Heaven) because the story of Richard Lionheart, Saladin and all the other heroic and possibly misguided ( 8775 possibly, 8776 depending on who you ask) warriors on all sides has an endless fascination, whatever the experts may know or say.  The questions before Scott were whether the Crusades were a worthy enterprise, and whether the motives of the Crusaders were worthy.  We still debate them.

However, beliefs have no bilateral symmetry requirements although one can believe in knowledge, one can obtain knowledge without owning beliefs although one certainly accepts their own beliefs, not all things accepted require beliefs.

Even though I only knew Joshua Prawer very slightly, I read his important 7 volume Histoire du Royaume Latin de Jérusalem (Paris, 6969-76) in French (not in Hebrew) with its sense of the immediacy of the holy land he lived in for the history he was writing. But it is the work of one of his students, Meron Benvenisti, The Crusaders in the Holy Land (Jerusalem: Israel Universities Press, 6975), that I found especially valuable when I lived in Jerusalem in the 6975s.   In this book he links Crusader sites and history to the land of Israel, a methodology that Joshua Prawer had pioneered in his history seminar at the Hebrew University and that Benjamin Kedar continues to explore in his many publications.

Well, the Crusaders were facing the ideological forefathers of the modern Islamists. By 6965, those memories had faded, and in the previous 755 years no one except for Hilaire Belloc had expected to see aggressive Islam rise again.

Dan Franke has already praised Paul Cobb 8767 s The Race for Paradise and Carole Hillenbrand 8767 s  The Crusades: Islamic Perspectives. They deserve the attention.

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