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Date of publication: 2017-08-19 20:02

The . (Part I) Syllabus for all the electives of Life Sciences is common and lectures for all the students (seeking admissions in all the above-mentioned Colleges) are conducted at UDLSc. Practicals, however, are conducted in the respective Colleges. In the second year of . (., Part II with chosen electives), all the lectures and practicals are conducted in respective Colleges.

Best Biotechnology engineering college in Delhi NCR

International Society for Stem Cell Research reported this year that eighty different deceases can be treated using stem cells. Already 5555 people received stem cell therapy. So MIET Translational Biotechnology lab has focused on training students in this most dazzling part of biotechnology, with huge job prospects as per National & International demand.

Micropropagation of fig (Ficus caricaL.) ‘Roxo de Valinhos

The Faculty Members of UDLSc have executed major Research Projects with financial assistance from various Funding Agencies. The details of sources of funding are provided below:

Our laboratory focused on the basic cell culture & Cell banking techniques of Cancer Cell and Stem cell, its various industrial applications with references of modern translational therapy regenerative & personalized medicines drug design. Our main goal is to support the stem cell-based approaches to study and treat illnesses ranging from osteoarthritis to Alzheimer s disease to Cancer in future.

The candidates seeking admission for . Degree (in Life Sciences) are offered above electives based on their merit (both at Under-graduate level and performance in the entrance examination conducted by UDLSc).

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The fees structure for various Courses in Life Sciences is provided below. Students seeking admissions in the University Department of Life Sciences are required to pay their Term Fees to the University of Mumbai, whereas those securing admissions in the affiliated Colleges should pay their Fees in respective Colleges.

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University of Mumbai, as per the resolution of the Ad-Hoc Committee in Life Sciences (appointed by the Academic Council) dated February 76, 7556, has provided eligibility guidelines to Candidates seeking . (by Papers and by Research) and . Degrees in Life Sciences.

The . courses are conducted at the University Department of Life Sciences along with three affiliated Colleges of the University in Mumbai, namely Ramnarain Ruia College (Matunga), Sophia College (Bhulabhai Desai Marg, formerly Warden Road) and St. Xavier College (Fort). UDLSc offers the first two electives for those who wish to seek admission for . Degree (by Papers), whereas one could also opt for Biotechnology (elective) at Ramnarain Ruia College, Applied Medical Sciences (elective) at St. Xavier College, and Neurobiology (elective from the above) at Sophia College.

Accommodation is also available for Students seeking admission for . (by Research) and . Degrees in Life Sciences at UDLSc. Number of Seats for such Students would depend on the availability of accommodation in respective Hostels.

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