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He’s a first-round NBA draftpick. He’s a national champion and played for Duke. He was coveted by every college after four spectacular years at Apple Valley. And he plays for the Wolves?

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Jones has done a lot for the Minneapolis community as far as basketball is concerned. But he was able to combine his love for basketball and his love for community together with this event, and truly wanted to make it all about the children and their future.

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Much of her book focuses on her fears and insecurities as she tries to figure out how to become a writer. I related to these parts of her book so much. I gained so much inspiration from reading about the leaps she took to make her dreams part of her actual life. It was what I needed to read to do the same. I 8767 m still terrified to attend the writing workshop, but I am excited to learn from someone that reminds me a lot of myself, just with a lot more wisdom.

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I know that my words won 8767 t always resonate with others. But in the rare moments that they do, like with the mom on Instagram, I am glad that I am continuing to put myself out there and write. It isn 8767 t easy and so often fear gets the best of me, but this is something I need to do for myself. This space is a reminder to me while I am in the trenches of motherhood, trying to not lose myself, that I am still here. I have a voice and I have stories to tell. I just need to stop being so afraid to tell them.

Tyus learned at a age how important fundamentals were in the game of basketball. Studying the game by watching and learning from his older brother Jadee, he knew mastering the basics were critical for his development. Today, Tyus wants to inspire a new generation of kids to workout with purpose by learning these same fundamentals. Whether he's helping beginners with the basic skills or helping more experienced players take their game to the next level, Tyus knows the value of great coaching and influential leaders. At the Tyus Jones Basketball Camps, he will give kids an opportunity to connect with premier coaches and learn from some of the best. Tyus believes the skills learned on the basketball court can be the foundation for a successful life outside the gym.

“Tyus was incredibly open and friendly with everyone he met here and really left a big impression on our school,” Balvin said. “Additionally, Tyus didn't want any media coverage of the event because he wanted the kids to know that he was doing this for them and not for his own personal gains.”

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I read Packing Light this week because I am attending Allison 8767 s writing workshop next month. I 8767 ve been reading her blog and trying to familiarize myself with her and her writing. For some reason this brings comfort to me I 8767 ve never been to a writing workshop before and nerves are getting to me. As I learn more about her, I am less anxious to spend an entire day, away from my children, learning from her.

After months of digging into the  Year of Creativity to work through those feelings, to work through the guilt and the fear that threatens my sanity every day, I was able to put everything into words. I still fight those feelings, just not as often as I used to. I 8767 ve finally, after a year and a half, accepted his diagnosis and what it means for him and our family. I have dedicated my life to be his advocate and his biggest fan. I believe in him far more than is humanly possible. Once I was able to write it all out, I felt lighter, happier.

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