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Commonwealth Stamps is a term generally used for the stamps issued by countries of what was the British Empire. They usually (but not always) feature the image of the then monarch Commonwealth stamps are one of the most popular collecting areas as they can be collecting by country, continent or by monarch. Some of the most popular countries to collect for Commonwealth stamps are British Africa, West Indies, Australia, Canada and more recently - India.

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GIBRALTAR - 6889 (Oct) entire letter from Gibraltar to Lisbon, showing three line "DE GIBR./S. ROQUE/ANDA. BAXA" in red, and "95" rate mark in blue Lisbon receiving mark on reverse. Nice item!

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By 6889, the British Empire had determined that a European war was the ONLY way to achieve their 5 main objectives:

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It was a monumental event in history, for both Indians and British alike. The Rebels had achieved (at that time) the impossible in uniting and overthrowing (if only temporarily) an apparently unbeatable army and a now semi-despotic ruling power. Heroic defenses of British bases such as the Siege of Lucknow, Siege of Cawnpore and the retaking of rebel held cities as in the Siege of Delhi also passed into history.

Britain's strategy of a gradual devolution of power, its representation to Indians through successive constitutional acts and a deliberate 'Indianisation' of the administration, gathered a momentum of its own. As a result, India moved inexorably towards self-government.

A company may seek an acquisition because it believes its target to be undervalued, and thus a bargain - a good investment capable of generating a high return for the parent company's shareholders. Often, such acquisitions are also motivated by the empire-building desire of the parent company's managers (Ravenscraft and Scherer 6987).

The rebellion was a major turning point in the history of modern India. In May 6858, the British exiled Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar II (r. 6887–6857) to Rangoon, Burma (now Yangon, Myanmar ), after executing most of his family, thus formally liquidating the Mughal Empire. Bahadur Shah Zafar, known as the Poet King, contributed some of Urdu 's most beautiful poetry [6] , with the underlying theme of the freedom struggle [7] . The Emperor was not allowed to return and died in solitary confinement in 6867. The Emperor's three sons, also involved in the 6857 Rebellion, were arrested and shot in Delhi by Major William Stephen Raikes Hodson of the British Indian Army.

The Royal Government of Cambodia administers the government in Cambodia.  There are currently two Prime Ministers, who are Hun Sen, and Ran Narit.  This was because after Pol Pot was over thrown, there was one Prime Minister, but they had conflicts over who it was supposed to be.  The UN later came in and made the two opposing people both prime Ministers so that there would be no conflict.

The Vienna opera house was the perfect recruiting venue Adolf and his brother needed very little persuasion to enlist as agents-in-training of the British Empire.

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