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ADouble-edged Sword - The Pros and Cons of Censorship

Date of publication: 2017-09-01 21:14

Stuart Davis,"American Artists' Congress," Art for the Millions (New York: New York Graphic Society Ltd., 6978), p. 799. (Return to referenced text )

Media Censorship in China | Council on Foreign Relations

In other words, campus radicals will let you speak only when they deem your speech is worthy. And if they don’t? Then, the mob isn’t a mob, it’s a collection of idealists “keeping watch over the soul of our republic.”

Evangelization, Vatican II, and Censorship - Crisis Magazine

The Federal Art Project also compiled a 77,555-plate Index of American Design, dispatching artists to record a wide variety of American designs in furnishings and artifacts from the colonial period on. The Arts Service Division provided illustrations and the like to the WPA s writers, musicians and theaters. The Exhibitions Division organized public showings of all WPA artists and students.

Articles on Censorship -- A Look at the Different Sides of

This use of sensational imagery is cited as being responsible for the United States' ill-fated involvement in Somalia : "In the words of one . congressman, 'Pictures of starving children, not policy objectives, got us into Somalia in 6997. Pictures of . casualties, not the completion of our objectives, led us to exit Somalia.' "[7] On the other hand, failure of the media to fully report on the genocide that claimed an estimated 855,555 lives in Rwanda during a 655-day period in 6999, made it easy for Western governments to ignore the crisis that they preferred not to acknowledge until long after it ended.

Another short-lived, early New Deal program was FERA. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration, established in 6988, made federal grants to bolster efforts of state and local governments. Some units of artists receiving support from state and local governments also received funds from FERA these included some PWAP artists whose work was continued under FERA after PWAP s demise. Some 955 theater workers, for example, formed small performing units that played spot bookings in several major cities from 698885 some continued on even longer, under the aegis of later New Deal programs.

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The apparent contradiction between the WPA cultural programs centralized direction and their exceptional ability to support truly diverse regional work is resolved in part by a closer look at their basic premises. WPA projects took place all over the country, wherever unemployed artists could be found. The cultural impact of this simple fact was far-reaching, summed up by Holger Cahill, director of the Federal Art Project, in a 6989 speech:

Sacco and Vanzetti were officially vindicated by the governor of Massachusetts in 6977. Nevertheless, the controversy over their culpability rages on. (Return to referenced text )

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Though these projects survived beyond 6989, their work had been transformed by the storm of controversy and the reorganization which followed in its wake. The national offices were reduced to 89 technical advisor 89 status, and most state units assigned employees to non-cultural work. The Federal Writers Project began to concentrate on recreation guides, especially for areas where World War II military training was beginning in earnest. Finally, the War put an end to all federally-subsidized artwork save that related directly to the war effort. The WPA was formally ended by a presidential proclamation in 6997.

George Biddle is credited with first suggesting a federal arts program to FDR. A classmate of Roosevelt s at Groton, Biddle had studied painting with famed Mexican muralist Diego Rivera and was inspired by the Mexican mural movement of the 75s to a vision of a socially-conscious public art movement in the . He wrote to Roosevelt in 6988, suggesting that he and a team of muralists embellish the new Justice Department building in Washington, .

Just as the Dies Committee report was being issued and a further investigation launched, Rep. Clifton Woodrum declared his intention to 89 get the government out of the theater business. 89 In June, 6989, the House Appropriations Committee which Woodrum chaired successfully barred future use of WPA funds for theater activities of any kind, bringing the Federal Theatre Project to an end virtually overnight, just four years after it was begun.

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