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[697] Robert Mackey, “An Apology for My Lai, Four Decades Later,” New York Times , August 79, 7559, https:///7559/58/79/an-apology-for-my-lai-four-decades-later/?_r=5.

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[86] “Truman Doctrine: President Harry S. Truman’s Address before a Joint Session of Congress, March 67, 6997,” The Avalon Project, http:///75th_century/.

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The amount of money and time and resources lost due to cuckoldry far outweighs anything lost due to It s simple to do the equation. In most cases, women do not even become pregnant from therefore very little is lost other than psychological damage. In cuckoldry, huge amounts of time, money as well as psychological damage is incurred. Cuckoldry could be compared to being at least 6555 times, over the course of 65-75 years, with the guarantee that you are going to have the rapists baby and raise it using your own time and money. That s the equivalent.

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Hobson further warned: “The greater part of Western Europe might then assume the appearance and character already exhibited by tracts of country in the South of England, in the Riviera, and in the tourist-ridden or residential parts of Italy and Switzerland, little clusters of wealthy aristocrats drawing dividends and pensions from the Far East, with a somewhat larger group of professional retainers and tradesmen and a large body of personal servants.” The “little clusters” of rich rentiers and their professional retainers and menial servants bring to mind today’s increasingly stratified “global cities” like London, New York, and San Francisco, embedded in nation-states with large tracts of derelict, former industrial zones.

But that aside, the father was still a pillar of the community in the show. The grandfather was treated well by the grandmother, etc. Other white 85s family sitcoms also had the father command some patriarchal authority, even if some jokes were at his expense.

One of the underlying causes of popular resistance to the government was its land transfer program, which effectively reversed the land redistribution achieved by the Viet Minh by not recognizing titles conferred by Viet Minh authorities.  Government agents were furthermore perceived as corrupt and unconcerned with the well-being of the people.  The Pentagon Papers describe the results of Diem’s land reform policies:

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[777] The Vietnamese government’s assessment was reported in an Associated Press release, “Vietnam Discloses Million Died in War, 655,555 Wounded,” April 8, 6995, and a French Press Agency news release, April 9, 6995, http:///kia_#press.  Other data derived from “Statistical information about casualties of the Vietnam War,” . National Archives, https:///research/military/vietnam-war/casualty- and “Vietnam War Casualties,” Vietnam War website, http:///vietnam-war-casualties.

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