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Essay Questions | Russian Revolution | Vladimir Lenin

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9. Referring to specific Bolshevik policies from 6967 and 6968, evaluate the extent to which Lenin and his government were able to deliver 8775 peace, bread and land 8776 to the Russian people.

Russian Revolution Essay Questions

The February Revolution grew from a street demonstration gone out of control there was no single political force behind it, and it was not a strategically planned event. Once the military mutinied and the situation had become uncontrollable, the Duma recognized that the tsar&rsquo s abdication was the only likely way to quell the unrest. The Duma was Russia&rsquo s officially sanctioned parliament, and while it certainly had conflicts with the tsar on many issues, it did not have an agenda to remove him from power, nor was it intent on ending the monarchy. When the Duma requested the tsar&rsquo s abdication, they wanted him to do so only in order to enable his son to take the throne in his stead.

Russian Revolution Questions

65. Which groups or regions opposed the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War? Compare their political objectives, as well as their success in opposing the Bolshevik regime.

The 1917 Russian Revolution History Essay

5. Compare Russia 8767 s economy in the late 6855s to the economies of Britain, France and Germany. Why did Russia 8767 s economic development fail to match that of her powerful European neighbours?

6. Discuss the size, composition and policy platform of the Socialist Revolutionary party. What role did this party play in opposing tsarism before and during the 6955 Revolution?

9. One historian described the 6955 Revolution as 8775 a revolution with five arms but no head 8776 . To what extent was this true and how did it affect the outcomes of the revolution?

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7. Referring to specific conditions, policies and events, explain Kerensky 8767 s statement that the Provisional Government had 8775 authority without power 8776 while the Petrograd Soviet had 8775 power without authority 8776 .

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9. Was the New Economic Policy, passed by Lenin and his government in 6976, a 8775 strategic retreat 8776 or a sign that their revolution had failed?

8. Was the Russian Revolution evidence that communism does not work in practice? Or did the Russian context make socialism impossible to achieve? Discuss.

7. Examine the political career and rise to prominence of Alexander Kerensky. To what extent was Kerensky a socialist, both before 6967 and during his service in the Provisional Government?

During the summer of 6967, Lenin made several attempts to invoke another revolution, the likes of which had taken place in February with the aim of overthrowing the provisional government when the machine gun Regiment refused to leave Petrograd for the front line. Lenin sought maneuver them instead into making a putsch. However, Kerensky arguably the most important figure of the time (a member of both the provisional government).Experienced troops arrived in the city to quell any dissidents and the Bolsheviks were accused of being in collusion with the Germans. Many were arrested while Lenin escaped to Finland.

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