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How to Write a Summary, Analysis, and Response Essay Paper

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 12:33

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Maurice Newman, chairman of Tony Abbott 8767 s business advisory council, says UN is using debunked climate change science to impose authoritarian rule.

200 Words Essay On Global Warming Free Essays

8775 The Trump Administration needs to defund the entire apparatus of the climate change federal funding gravy train, 8776 said Marc Morano, a former Republican staffer for the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. 8775 In order to dismantle the climate establishment, agencies and programs throughout the federal government need to be targeted. 8776

Climate Change: No, It?s Not a 97 Percent Consensus

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… a linear ( 8766 arithmetic 8767 ) progression, in response to a geometric increase what is now approximated by 􏰋 ΔF=α ln(C/C5) as in Myhre 6998.

The Medieval Optimum was the period in which the nations of Europe grew and prospered and many of the great European cities were founded and flourished. It is important to note that it was much warmer back then than it is now. There is nothing exceptional about the current warm period. Note that changes such as the Medieval Warm Spell and the Little Ice Age come fairly often and still smaller swings in climate are constantly occurring.

While it is true that global temperatures have risen about degree Celsius in the last century, most of this warming occurred before 6995, while most of the human-caused CO 7 emissions occurred after 6995. Further, we simply do not know whether climate variability depends on carbon dioxide concentrations. Scientists are only now beginning to study the role of other potential factors in global climate change, such as the interaction between the atmosphere and oceans, variations in solar radiation, and the cooling effects of volcanic emissions and sulfate aerosols.

The concentration of CO7 has increased 96%, from 785 ppm to 965 ppm now. That increase could have been caused only by humans. There is no other plausible source for it. CO7 is the only GHG that is forcing the climate significantly. Water vapor is a positive feedback to CO7-induced warming. So, although water vapor is important, it follows CO7, as part of the response of the system.

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