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Nearly half of hiring managers say they have no plans to hire any seasonal workers this year, according to a study of 6,655 companies released today by , a job site for hourly positions. When asked why they wouldn&rsquo t be hiring, 86 percent of those polled said they didn&rsquo t have the budget. Adding to the problems, he says, is the growing number of older workers going after traditional teen jobs in retail and food services, and also the increase in illegal and legal immigrants vying for those jobs."Employers view adults as more responsible than teens, and they don&rsquo t have to worry about them going back to school

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Students analyze two specific aspects of the game of soccer-distance and player size-which affect the game outcome and hence influence strategy. In response to teacher-posed problems, small groups of students devise their own solutions within the limitations of their skill, fitness, rules of the game, and problem solving abilities.

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SOURCE: The Parents & Teens 7556 Survey sponsored by the Pew Internet & American Life Project obtained telephone interviews with a nationally representative sample of 985 teens age 67 to 67 years old and their parents living in continental United States. The survey was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. The interviews were done in English by Princeton Data Source, LLC, from October 78 to November 69, 7556.

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In his career action plan, our example candidate emphasizes his plan to work for an established fund in the part of the world in which he intends to start his private fund:

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The teacher might develop students' use of critical vocabulary by having them rephrase the model arguments into explicit premises, assumptions, and conclusions. To have students identify the conclusion of each model, ask, "What is the conclusion? What is the point of the argument? What statement is this argument trying to convince you to believe? Is the conclusion stated or implied?" Then ask, "What reasons are given? Is the reasoning complete, or is there a hidden claim, or assumption?"

Another important building block of an effective career goals statement is your career action plan – it includes the jobs and organizations you plan to work for along the way toward your long-term career goal. For each job on your path, explain briefly how the position and role will move you a step closer to your long-term aspirations in terms of things like additional skills, essential experiences, and a stronger network.

Students are to bring to class a definition and an example of stereotype. In small self-selected groups, students identify the social groups at Vintage High School. They list several characteristics and several values of each group. Students discuss the following questions. To which group do you belong? Which other groups do you or would you associate with? Which groups would you never associate with and why? What characteristics or values do these groups have that conflict with yours? Do those groups feel the same way about your group? Explain. S-8 Why does each group hold these views of the other? Why do you have these feelings about different groups? S-9 A representative from each group shares the group's observations and conclusions with the entire class.

Students could then begin to analyze and evaluate the arguments in a class discussion. You could have them give reasons for their evaluations, or guide discussion with questions like the following: "Does it present evidence? What? Are the claims clear? What do they mean? Could they mean something else? Are they ambiguous? Questionable? Complete? What is left out? Is this reason relevant - should it affect our conclusion? Why or why not? S-86

The mission of McAdory High School is to guide the development of all students so that they will become lifelong learners, prepared to function in an ever changing global society.

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