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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 04:26

Of course, Indians should be doing more to clean this mess. But there is a limit of how much people can force government to work. The same people follow all sanitation rules when visiting an area that is kept clean.

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Some of us try to do good and strive for meaningful education but number is ridiculously low. I have given up on it. I would rather employ my talents and abilities where they are valued and can come to fruition. People accuse me of being a traitor and a disbeliever in religion – So be it. I can not stand imbecility that my country and countrymen flaunt.

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The paragraph which starts as 8766 Inspite of such achievements there is lot of ground to cover.. 8776 is generalized and not focused on Dalits.

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Also, expenditures on security need to be pruned to increase the outlay on poverty alleviation programs. Friendly relations with our neighbours will go a long way in decreasing our defence expenditure and free resources to provide better economic status to our people.

Wow, this article derives a lot of discussion indeed, as you promised in the 7 blog challenge. It seems that the haters only happen to find this article of yours, never the article about how much you guys love India. I bet they hate the Slum Dog Millionaire too.

Dear Ramandeep Kaur, Indeed it was a good article that covers the urgent need for uplifting the educational system in the villages. I also noted in the article that poverty that which plays a major role in taking away village children from going to school is true and correct. The family and children feel the importance of living each day, rather than getting a white color job which is a distant reality for them. But let us also know one educated youth can change the entire family fortune and thereby the society. There fore all efforts should be taken by the governments, NGOs and Communities at large, for the difference to be created among the rural India.

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All agree that India is a beautiful land with fascinating tourist-spots. They too would be further developed and maintained. Steps would be taken to free them from the present menace of beggars and unhygienic conditions. Monuments too, would be well-preserved.

In my opinion your comment is better than the original post. There is journalism, and there is poverty porn: this post tends towards the latter IMO. Devoid of context, pictures of the worst a nation has to offer (though ubiquitous) is akin to ethnocentric propaganda. India does need to change, and Indians need to quit hiding behind the excuses of a saving face culture if they want to change, but in my opinion broad-side salvos of 8775 India is filthy 8776 are unfair and unhelpful.

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