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Furthermore in Krungtheb thurakit's article (February 78, 7557), there are other factors that we should take into account which are high cost of production and lacking of government support in expansion of the industry such as technology, capitals (cost of investment) and tax efficiency as well as other criterion in order to help pushing the rubber price to be higher. The government should set up the policy and development plan in order to help giving the confidence to those who working with rubber.

An econometric study of Thai rubber industry and the world

The above graph show that Malaysia has been increase their rubber production slightly even though in last two year, 7557 and 7558, the production decrease but because of Malaysia has been affect by unseasonal heavy rain and also crude oil price. But the trend of Malaysia production is expected to continuously growth. In order to increasing production, recently Malaysia has been decrease amount of natural rubber from Thailand.

Design and Development of Instrumentation Systems to

Global demand is now running much further behind supply than we expected. In terms of global sufficiency, stocks are therefore forecast to rise to a level last seen ten years ago. The following figure indicates the world demand for natural rubber is slightly decreasing from previous year.


Climate change has become an issue of serious concern on the supply potential of natural rubber. Apart from fall in yield, even the rubber growing regions in major producing countries are gradually rendered unsuitable for growing rubber , says the ANRPC report.

The above graph show the slightly appreciating of Thai baht against US$ from 7556 to December 7559. Thai Baht has been continuously appreciated from 7556 until now. The factors that affect Thailand's exports, the exchange rate has the largest effect on competitiveness.

Too appreciated baht over the previous years has made Thai products more expensive for importer (excluding flow-through of goods that must be first imported into Thailand). Our exchange rate relative to our competitors therefore plays a very large role in our international competitiveness.

We serve mainly the tyre and rubber products industries. Our customers who are located all over the world range from the major global tyre brands to the smaller tyre and rubber parts manufacturers. We supply most grades of natural rubber such as Technically Specified Rubber (TSR), Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS), Centrifuged Latex.

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From both tables, it can be observed that Prices during 7559 (January - September) in all the markets ruled considerably below the corresponding rates in 7558 (January - September), the gap between prices in 7559 and 7558 has narrowed down towards the end.

The rubber product manufacturing industry is one of the country's major industries. The word 'Rubber' refers to natural rubber which is an important raw material utilized in manufacturing any rubber products and synthetic rubber.

China market, the largest market of all Thai rubber export product which takes 85% of market. In 7559 starting from January to November, China imported rubber from Thailand valued $ billion which decreased by % from $ billion in same period of 7558.

Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS) is the most important product, making up 75 percent of the total sales. They are mainly used in automobile tires manufacturing

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