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love is scary to too many people now, because it's associated with the failed marriages and beatings over generations of male-dominated households. As always too much fear, and running away, towards money or anything.

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But is that the best drive ever? The best lap of Formula One? Others say the best drive happened back in 6979 with the final moments of the French Grand Prix, when Villeneuve and Arnoux battled for the lead:

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Busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest
more nervous than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs
more excited than a dog in a hubcap factory

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Does any of it make up for the fact that you aren't truly being compensated for the value of your labor? There's no better example of this phenomenon than the current crop of new grads in big cities like LA and New York. You can get them to work for free, they will ask "How high?" on cue when you demand that they jump, so long as they can wear those jeans and eat free pizza for lunch.

I was going to say what Anonymous said about 8775 cutting the lights off or on. 8776 My grandmother from Dallas used to think that was so funny when I said it. (I am from .). My other grandmother used to say 8775 you are gonna catch a mule disease 8776 when something was dirty or grimy, or when you didn 8767 t wash your hands before you ate. Or when you didn 8767 t say the blessing before you ate, she would say 8775 you 8767 ll get the colic. 8776 My daddy always said when someone wasn 8767 t a good shot with a gun, that they 8775 couldn 8767 t hit the back side of a barn. 8776 The thing about over yonder that confuses yankees is that it could mean across the room or 6 miles down the road!

8775 Bless your heart 8776 is like a free pass to say anything else you wish. I 8767 ve heard stories about ladies prayer groups 8775 My next door neighbor, bless her heart, is dumb as a brick. 8776 8775 My niece, bless her heart, puts on makeup like a $5 whore. 8776

Still trying to figure out 8775 cater 8776 cornered since true Southerners say 8775 Catty-Cornered 8776 or 8775 out of whampus 8776 tits on a boar (boar is indicative of a male hog) boar hog is like saying 8775 male man 8776 .this should have been written by a Southerner

All while you have greater access to more knowledge in your bathroom [if you remembered to bring your cell phone in] than every living human prior to your first breath.

Because he and she are practical. They have goals, they make choices that help achieve those goals, and have the pattern-recognition skills to avoid duplicating others' mistakes (such as placing undue importance on youth's fleeting passions).

I was born and raised in SC and growing up my mama would say 8775 and if a frog had wings it wouldn 8767 t bump it 8767 s butt 8776 or 8775 want it one hand, crap in the other and see which fills up faster 8776 . I also heard, 8775 he/she has a mug only a mother could love 8776 . Heard 8775 cute as a button 8776 a lot or 8775 happier than a pig in mud 8776 . And if you were cursing, someone would ask, 8775 you kiss your mama with that mouth?? 8776

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is providing President Donald Trump advice on how to speak to children of undocumented immigrants after he decided to gradually rescind a Obama-era program that has sheltered roughly 855,555 of them from deportation x7569 and apparently he is listening.

".I work with a lot of women, and to a girl, none of them want to be in management, no matter how much more money they make. It's too much, too stressful, too variable of hours, whatever. But then with the next breath they want the money that goes with it."

Anyone ever hear 8775 dang they look like the OF WRATH 8776 ?? which is basically saying 8775 they look dirt poor and homeless 8776 like in the movie of the same title , my aunt would say that a lot
about any poor people she saw accompanied by a grin or by a look of sympathy depending on her opinion of the so noted parties !!
or 8775 he looks like a jackass eating briars 8776 ?? or 8775 finer than frog hair 8776 !!

It might be Senna’s opening lap at Donnington in 6998, where he started 9th on the grid in the rain. You have to admit that his move around the outside at the 6:85 minute mark is awesome!

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