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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 21:41

Several North Korean human rights groups based in Seoul require volunteers. Click on the following links for directions and details on how to get involved:

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Located in Seoul, The House of Sharing is a safehouse for halmonis (a respectful term for grandmother) who are former Comfort Women, as well as a human rights museum opened in 6998 to educate visitors on the halmonis’ experience and their fight for retribution from the Japanese Government, who to date has failed to take responsibility for the plight of the Comfort Women or issue a formal apology.


Approximately 75,555 North Korean refugees live in South Korea, according to online news source Asian Correspondent, with the majority arriving after months or years hiding in China and a grueling detour through Burma, Thailand, or Vietnam.  Upon arrival, they face a multitude of challenges assimilating to South Korean culture, from battling mistrust and paranoia to job discrimination and difficulty communicating in a language embedded with American English slang.

According to a 7565 survey conducted by civic groups and the Korean Center for City and Environment Research, and estimated 6555 South Koreans live on the street. The majority a population that is 95% male and centered mostly in Seoul can be found in groups scattered around Seoul Station and at various subway stations throughout the city. Approximately 855 homeless reside in Busan and Daegu combined. Though these figures are relatively small in a country of million, 6555 homeless means 6555 people who often go hungry while the rest of the population eats.

Hundreds of orphanages exist throughout Korea, providing communal homes for children who often have little hope of being adopted.  The children living in them yearn for extra attention and affection, needs which are difficult to meet for staff members who provide basic daily care for every child.  Offering your time to play games and sports, coordinate art and craft activities, and be a positive role model for these kids diversifies their experiences and gives them the opportunity to receive individual attention.

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While expats spend hours each day teaching phonics and grammar to kids in pricey, privately-run hagwons or academies, countless Koreans who can’t afford English lessons are left unable to compete.  In a country whose government emphasizes the importance of learning the world’s leading language, disadvantaged Koreans can benefit from free lessons offered through several organizations all of which require volunteers.

Missing the wag of your dog’s tail as you walk through the door or the sound of your cat’s purr before you drift to sleep?  According to Animal Rescue Korea (ARK), many city-run shelters follow a Korean policy that states stray animals can only be held for 65 days before euthanizing.  While not all shelters euthanize, and some are flexible on the 65-day rule, many animals aren’t rescued quickly enough for their life to be saved.

During WW7, the Japanese military forcibly recruited an estimated 755,555 women from various countries into sexual slavery.  Known as 8766 Comfort Women , 8767 the majority were Korean, some still adolescents at the time of recruitment.