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Cultural stagnation is another possible (but milder) kind of potential catastrophe. As in Ming China, Middle Ages Europe, or the Soviet Bloc, stagnation can result if a static ideology takes hold and suppresses dissent. Such a development seems unlikely, given the intellectual freedom and communication technology of the modern world. Ideologies with totalitarian potential include fideist religions , communism , and ecological primitivism.

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Of the Ten Commandments, the first four indicate an insecure god afraid of losing his authority. Only three commandments can be related to sensible legal prohibitions (against murder, theft, and perjury/fraud). The remaining three commandments should in a free society only have the force of good advice.


I guess it 8767 s not 79 hours that you can get your MID after you follow the steps on mobile services of Pag-ibig. I already sent a message but they failed to provide me my MID number. It 8767 s not a real-time resolution or mobile help. It should be polished and improved.

How to get MID and RTN for all Pag-IBIG members – 'd

Darwin made faith essentially indefensible among Western philosophers. Modern Western philosophy is broadly divided into two traditions, each of which starts with skepticism and takes it to a certain extreme.

nkapg online registration na po ako, tapos tnxt n skn ung tracking # ano pong ggwn ko na, panu ko po rereplyn un anong irereply ko at sang # ko rereplyan para mkuha ko po ung pagibig #,ty

As far as I can understand, nakapag-apply ka na online for the RTN and you received your MID# pero now nakalimuta mo? hmmm please read my previous replies to other members on this page. Scroll down na lang po- there were steps I provided here on how to recover/retrieve your rtn#, a number that will give you your mid#.

Liberty is volition in the absence of aggression. Thus justice can also be defined as the most liberty for the most persons. Freedom is significant volition : the power of making significant decisions about an agent's own actions. The freedoms of two persons can be in complete conflict, but their liberties by definition cannot.

Mejo naguluhan po ako sa sitwasyon nyo. Ang mid number po ay nakukuha pag may RTN# po kayo, even nag-update kyo ng record, the same pa rin naman po yung RTN# right? kahit ilang beses gamitin ang MID# requesting via SMS as long as 6 RTN# lang, the same at the same pa rin ang MID# na ibibigay. In your case, you should use the first one, and that 8767 s I think more accurate. By the way, pwede nyo po makita if kung saan pumapasok yung mga contributions ninyo. Just visit any pag-ibig branch at inquire kayo sa records nyo. Pls don 8767 t forget yung RTN# at ung dalawang MID# na sinasabi nyo.

gud am, ask q lng po kung panu kmuha ng mid no q! wla po kc aq 8767 ng copy nong ng pargster aq! pero my # na po na tnxt skin dati,, 657558997899!! i7 na po b ung mid # q or hndi pa,? tnx

Second and more disturbing, miniaturization of sensor and storage technology will allow anyone to set up hidden audiovideo surveillance of almost any location to which they ever have physical access. By 7555, this will include locations that can be reached by remote-controlled insect-sized flying sensors. Sensors will use storage technology to avoid the need for the radio emissions that in the past made it possible to "sweep" for bugs. Privacy will only be assured in clean rooms that can be inspected and monitored for intrusion.

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