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7. But be careful about which WoK's and AoK's you include. Review all of your notes to refresh your understanding and make sure you&rsquo re seeing the relevant connections and make sure (after you&rsquo ve done your research) that you have interesting points to make (claims and counter claims).

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TERMS: apathy, debugging intuition, emotional colouring, emotive language, empathy, intuition, James-Lange theory, primary emotions, rational fool, romanticism, social emotion, stoicism

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A few days ago one of my students had her TOK presentation which sparked a thoughtful classroom discussion that filled nearly two periods. For me, as a TOK teacher, both the presentation and the follow-up discussion were a great enjoyment: both reflected the 8775 TOK spirit 8776 of a balanced insightful exploration of the topic.

L inking the different Areas of Knowledge (AOK) with different Ways of Knowing (WOK) can be quite challenging at times. I now attempted to link History with Language, Logics, Emotion and Sense Perception.

Memorising a few facts is a good idea, but it isn 8767 t mandatory, even to attain the highest possible grade. It can help though. The main thing is convincing the marker that your insights are true and not just something you made up.

• Ethics may change over time.
• Ethics can be different in different societies.
Social intuitions
Most people think they are good judges of character and can tell when people lie. This is not the case.

Your lawyer will make the case that you can&rsquo t be guilty of robbing the bank (her thesis), by using several arguments (claims) she&rsquo ll show that

Are there any statements that are absolutely and certainly true? Yes! Analytic statements are true by their own nature. In this post I 8767 ll outline some of them.

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